Finally, a way to hold Vortex ammo. Introducing, the Vortex ammo belt

Nerf has done it again. Due to the popularity of the Vortex line, Nerf has creted an ammo storage system similar to the Bandolier kit which I have come to enjoy. This is the Nerf ammo belt kit




As much as I loved the bandolier kit, it was very troublesome to hold 18 round clips. Only 6 round clips seemed to be reasonable on the bandolier and it made ammo storage a problem for nerfers who didn’t have the fancy dump bag or ammo pouch. Well now, for all the vortex lovers, Nerf has a kit for you.

This ammo belt is a simple line up and click design. Included in the kit is a 10 round mag, 15 discs, 2 mag holders, an ammo pouch, and a clip to hold a pistol (proton but it doesn’t have to be.)

One thing I did notice was the different color of the magazine. It was a bright orange that matched more of the lumitron color scheme…seriously nerf, make up your mind! It is a standard 10 round mag, not much else to say about it.

The mag holders are very well built out of a tough plastic and the design compensates the magazine perfectly. Even when you are  running they won’t slip out due to the friction of the objects.

The ammo pouch can hold up to 35 discs (even though the box says 25.

The pistol clip works, but can be a pain to unclip your pistol from. I still recommend a metal carabiner.

The Belt is adjustable and can fit practically anyone. Equip this with the pyragon and you instantly have 60 rounds of ammo in magazines, 80 if you have the nitron’s 20 disc clip.

Unfortunately the drum is not compatible with the mag holder so just keep that in the pyragon 🙂

Overall the vortex ammo belt is worth adding to your arsenal, but NOT FROM TOYS R US.

The belt’s retail value is 14.99 and toys r us sells it for 10 dollars more. So just be patient and wait for it to hit walmart or target.


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