Spotted! The next Sonic Series Vortex Blaster, Proton

Since the release of the Vortex line, fans have loved the vortex pistol known as the proton. Now Nerf Nation can enjoy it even more with the newest sonic series vortex release. The proton packs quite a punch for a pistol. It boasts usually 5 to 10 feet more than the praxis and vigilon. Now it joins these other 2 blasters in a sweet clear green shell. Available at toys r us for 14.99.





6 thoughts on “Spotted! The next Sonic Series Vortex Blaster, Proton

  1. Hey there, Titan, have you tried modding a proton before? I have modified a praxis before, and I was wondering if they had similar internals. I am also deciding between getting a proton or a retaliator. I would like some insight from you.

    • Hey Ketchup man,
      I am glad to see someone asking me for advice 🙂
      To answer your question, I have tried modding a proton but screwed it up. I only do some light modding and the vortex blasters are too complicated for me. If you were able to successfully mod a praxis, GREAT! You should have no trouble modding the proton, the internals are much less complex. As for your choice, it depends on how much you want to spend. With 30 dollars you can get 3 or 4 protons but only one retaliator. Also depends if you want darts or discs. Can’t really think about range because both blasters get great range. If you love modding, the Retaliator has some potential and is honestly more fun to shoot. If I were in your shoes, the retaliator would be my choice

      • I see… Does the retaliator have the same bolt/plunger set-up as the rampage? I have been inside my rampage and dug out the air restrictor. If so, the retaliator would sound great. Thanks for your response, I love your reviews.

      • Good to know I have a loyal fan 🙂 Yes, they are the exact same system, the only difference is the rampage slam fire mech. To increase the Retaliator’s reliability, I screwed a longstrike bolt handle on the slide. It makes it much more efficient. I also ordered a 8kg spring from SG Nerf for a little more kick 🙂

  2. Haha, good idea. I just hope I don’t set myself back 30 dollars by accidentally breaking my soon-to-be retaliator when using my somewhat ghetto modding techniques. Being a younger nerfer, I don’t have access to some common tools such as a drill. My usual way of removing the air restrictor on CS blasters is inspired by sgnerf’s method (pipe cutters) except instead of pipe cutters, I use a kitchen knife. Then I use sealing tape to fix the breech (no epoxy). Also, I’m gonna try a nitefinder spring in my retaliator. Cheers!

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