Introducing, the first Stainless Steel Boltsled for the Nerf Longshot CS-6


Here it is guys, the very first, hand welded, American made, Stainless Steel Longshot boltsled. I can’t say enough about this product I really can’t. The craftsmanship of this custom made part is unlike anything I have ever seen. Its durability is unmatched, and should something go wrong, it has a life time warranty!

Remedy Metal is a up and coming mod company. Their entire basis will be Stainless steel, not plastic, like Orange Mod Works. Everything that comes out of their shop will be hand made so when you buy this product, you aren’t only supporting the company, but also the artist and his/her work.

The company guarantees that you are able to one hand prime this no matter what spring power you contain in your longshot. That is something no other company has been able to do, not even Xplorer.

For the price of 69.99, this bolt sled is WORTH IT!!!!! Sure you may need to hold off on buying anything else for a while, but with an over powered longshot you don’t really need anything else ;). Keep in mind however, due to the nature of the boltsled, the power you put into the blaster will start to put stress on the other plastic parts so mod at your own risk as always

The company sends this information and specific contact information with the product in case you need to contact them. This includes phone number and email which is very classy and shows that they will do their best to NEVER leave a customer hanging.

That concludes the review of the Stainless Steel boltsled from Remedy Metal. I highly recommend it! Also be sure to keep up with Remedy Metal, they are taking one step at a time but their goal is to manufacture an entire Stainless Steel Longshot kit. Thanks again Remedy Metal!

If you want to check out their website,  here is the link



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