Behold! the Slam fire able Vortex Pyragon, the newest addition to the NERF vortex line!


Here it is everyone, my official review of the new Nerf vortex pyragon!
First, here are a few pictures to build up the suspense!




I was so excited to open this blaster, I really couldn’t wait to do it in the video. In addition it gave me a good idea of what to say to hopefully improve the video review. Overall, everything from the drum to the discs to the blaster is a home run. NERF has really out done themselves and at a decent price have scored big with the Pyragon.

The 40 Disc drum accompanied with 40 discs is quite remarkable. I won’t be opening it to see the mechanics, but I have a good idea of how it operates and I explain it all in the video below.

Like many other nerfers, I love the color of these discs more than the original. Now I don’t have to worry about losing discs in grass and even for indoor wars, they will be very easy to spot. They are the same weight and material as the original discs and fly just as well, if not better.

The Pyragon itself at first glance appears to be a fatter praxis. I have also noticed that the pyragon also ultimately gets better range than the lumitron, which leads me to believe that the blaster may have a slightly stronger spring in it. The color scheme is gorgeous and should not be messed with.

It does come with a stock attachment and tactical rail for all of your favorite N strike accessories but the one thing you only really need a raider stock imo. However I have noticed that the Retaliator stock is not compatible with the Pyragon. There is an explanation of this in the video.

The slamfire handle and slamfire mech are flawless which is saying a lot for nerf as the Raider slam fire and even sometimes the alpha trooper had issues with their slam fire. The grip is incredible and I personally believe should be integrated on to every nerf slam fire blaster.

The range is typical, about 60 to 70ft, though with the pyragon I am consistently seeing ranges above 70 ft which means this blaster may be able to keep up with the elite dart blasters. In addition, there is a jam switch should your pyragon ever jam, but I have not had one single jam after putting the pyragon through 200 shots.

Overall, for 39.99 this blaster is worth the price you pay. You get a powerful disc shooter that can slamfire plus a 40 round drum and 40 discs which alone cost about 25.00 retail. Enjoy the video and stay tuned for a firing test which will include my personal Slam Fire Test to show Nerf Nation!

Pyragon Video Review


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