WELCOME! Announcements of things to come

Welcome fellow Nerfers to your ultimate Nerf Blaster Source in Blog form πŸ˜€ This is my first time trying a blog, but like my youtube channel, I am hoping it will grow over the next few months. Since I am already over 60 videos on my youtube channel, I am just going to start brand new with my next new video instead of posting the other 60 here. However, if you want to check out those videos, here is the link to my youtube channel.


There are some great things coming to this new blog and youtube. Among these is the Vortex pyragon review, which I am ecstatic about! I will also be reviewing a hand welded stainless steel longshot bolt sled. Yes, ALL HAND WELDED STAINLESS STEEL!. Excited? I am too so stay tuned for that. In addition some equipment review including a tactical vest (no not the crappy nerf one πŸ™‚ and a sweet leg holster, but trust me, this is no ordinary holster. All these things and more to come so be on the lookout here, on this blog and on my youtube channel πŸ™‚ And remember nerfers, It’s Nerf or Nothin!


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